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Annual Fire Certifications

Inspections of Alarms, Sprinkler Systems, Emergency Lighting, Hydrants and Extinguishers  We are a licensed fire and burglar alarm company since  1990. 

We utilize Building Reports to document the inspections.  (License numbers SC fac13391 NC 773-csa)

One Place To Call

We coordinate all life safety inspections to meet with the requirements of the local authorities having jurisdiction. 

We simplify Annual Fire Inspections, Sprinkler Inspections, Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Emergency Lighting Inspections, etc.

We Will Save You Money

We provide increased security, better service and reduced costs every day. 

We can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year!

  Serving Hospitals, Manufacturers and Landlords since 1990 – Experience Counts!

Cellular Monitoring Savings

Cellular monitoring saves thousands of dollars in phone bills.  Eliminating conventional phone lines reduces costs and increases reliability.

Cellular Monitoring Reliability

Cellular Monitoring systems test the connection multiple times per hour to ensure you are connected.

NAPCO Cellular

NAPCO Cellular provides the Star Link Commercial Fire fire alarm cellular connection.

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We have the experience to provide better service and at a lower cost.